About Me

After 18 years in the rescue teams of warships and 4 years as a volunteer rescuer in the rescue teams in Chania Crete I decided to expand my knowledge by studying Mental Health Counseling aiming to combine all the knowledge and Training I possess. My goal is to provide my help to human being in order to know aspects of him/her self and learn to manage the emotions that get tough his/her daily life like stress, anxiety, panic attacks, phobias etc.


It is nice to help your fellow human beings, but only when it is done with joy, with all your heart and with a free spirit.

         Pearl Buck

My rage comes in Ocean waves.
Within my depthsI labor my world
with struggles and pains.
My sigh a wave’s wash.
The Sea breeze whispers
“I dub thee innocent “.
Visions of Suns and Moons
glister my eyes
spread on my smiles
Adorn my (In) sights.

My hand is reaching You- Life
Divine Moher, my womb
curling up into the Existence
I emerge Perfect and whole
Behold your wonder!
With owe and joy
I’m starting anew the never-ending Odyssey.

A new born Deus into a vast Universe
Unraveling the Force to Revel, to Live
One with the Earth and Sky
Invisible and yet Solid
Transparent but Visible


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